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2 Apartamentos en venta en Chiriquí, David

Apartamento · 2470000m² · Working Farm - Agribusiness With Potential For Agritourism Camping
USD 3,200,000
Chiriqui, plaza caisan

Chiriquí, David

2470000 m² tot.

The farm we have for sale in Caizan, Chirqui is located 15 minutes from the border of Costa Rica. The farm has 249 hectares (617 acres) and is located on the main road about 20 minutes from town. The farm has large and small divided pastures that were recently reseeded with new pasture. Currently, it has 240 head of cattle that are mixed with, angus, semental, Holstein, and Jersey. When the minister of agriculture came to inspect the farm he said the farm could maintain 750 head of cattle. We have a small milk parlor that can milk 2 cows at a time. We are not currently milking cows but have the capability, and still have contacts with Nestle Corporation who was the buyer. The farm itself has various different types of fruit and wood trees. Hundreds of Lemon, orange, grapefruit, marañon, avocado, mango, guava, guanábana, coffee, Pomarosa, coconut, banana, and plantain. There are buyers for the fruit the farm produces. It also has over 10, 000 stalks of bamboo. Thousands of trees to make lumber. Every year it produces thousands of pounds of corn that is used to feed the free range chickens and organic pigs. There are about 200 free range chickens and 5 organic pigs. The farm also has a large greenhouse to grow organic vegetables. The main products are lettuces, broccoli, sweet corn, and tomatoes. The farm is self sustaining with the produce and the sale of the animals. The workers have all worked and lived there for years and have a great knowledge of the layout of the land. This is a turnkey business that is in production with buyers and sellers of our products, accounting, and a corporation that the company works under. It is also Ideal for a Farm Camping Business. Some of the details of the farm include. Electricity. Wifi ( fiber optic) Water potable. 2 large ponds. 2 drinking wells. Several creeks that have water all year. Chiriquí river also runs in the back of the farm. 1 house for manager. 2 houses for workers. 2 corals for working horses or cattle. 8 working horses. rep 1749

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