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5 Inmuebles y propiedades con más de 5 Recámaras en venta en Provincia de Bocas del Toro

USD 3,500,000
Isla Bastimentos

Bocas del Toro, Bocas del Toro

91810 m² tot.8 hab.10 estac.

- We are offering a true boutique eco resort with traditional thatch bungalows. Our bungalows are built in accordance with the principles of Natural architecture providing harmony with the landscape, with the local culture and the dwellers. It is a true example of vernacular architecture, the bungalows are a blend of Gnobe-buggle traditional construction techniques and new technology, which allows us to limit our impact on the environment. The resort is solar powered and use rain water. We are the only resort in Bocas offering all the bungalows built by Indigenous persons using their traditional building technique and materials. This has taken a lot of time, many years. None of the competitors who came here had been able to invest the necessary time and resources to create such unique structures. Each bungalow is crafted and unique. As they have no door and no windows and provide an uninterrupted view of the surrounding nature, they offer a real unique experience, which separate us from any competition. From the terrace and even from the bed of the bungalow you can enjoy incredible water views and see animals. It is a true gem for nature lovers. Comfort and privacy is offered by canvas curtains that one can close, orthopedic King and Queen size mattresses, custom made no see ums mosquito nettings, ceiling fans and hot water showers. - The location of Al Natural is very precious and unique. We are almost the only one offering cabins on a beach with safe swimming waters, which is so important for all and especially for families. As we are facing the lagoon, guests can swim, play, do kayaks and paddle board everywhere safely. To be in the lagoon offers us also easy and safe access by boat all year round ; by any weather we are always able to do the boat trip to Bocas town. It is because we are at the end of the lagoon, so close to the open sea, that we are enjoying a little beach created by the little waves coming inside the lagoon. Our beach is 420m. (1, 380 ft. ) long and is one of the only beaches on the lagoon side in the archipelago of Bocas. Most of the other beaches in Bocas are in the open sea side, are not easily accessible by boat and are most of the time very dangerous. - We are located in front of the Zapatillas Cays, the touristic highlight of the whole region of Bocas del Toro. Those two cays are perfect postal card scenery, inhabited and fully protected as part of the Bastimentos Marine National Park. We takes guests there on a regular basis, we have been able to show turtles hatching there very easily from September to December. Also, for diving the location has been incredible, our Zapatillas Dive Center offers regularly dives to the protected waters and reefs around the Zapatillas Cays in the National. Marine Park where many impressive wall dives and caves can be explored when the sea allows it, and who offers them at a competitive price due to our location, as we are far away from Bocas, but closest to the best dive sites and the Bastimentos National Marine Park. Also we are the closest to Tiger Rock, arguably the best dive site in the whole archipelago of Bocas. - We are surrounded by incredible untouched nature. Around the bungalows many guests have spots various kinds of sloths and monkeys, giant rays, many birds and lizards, and from the beach in front of the bungalows, by swimming or by using the kayaks, they can snorkel the nearby reefs by them self. - Provides a safe and optimal healthy living, far away for the crowd. - We are set on the eastern tip of the island of Bastimentos, the furthest spot from Bocas town which gives us a very particular environment and which protect us very well against further uncontrolled development. It create a very nice feeling of seclusion, which is what most of our guests are looking for. To guaranty an environment with no wifi turned out to be a real strength in our business. Of course, we do provide close by a hot spot so that when the guests need to connect, they can connect, but wifi is not readily available in the resort, this makes us so different from all the other places, our guests looking to relax and disconnect are so happy about this setting. It is a very special treat for the families who can be at last in an environment when their children are not constantly looking at a screen and connected to the web. - The food and the communal dinning have been also an experience that our guests are valuating a lot. Our Chef has developed a delicious kitchen which is a blend of European cuisine and tropical ingredients, I called it a Belgo-creole cooking. Our staff is fully able to reproduce those dishes. The aperitif time and bungalows, spaced apart from one another and open to the outside, are. Our obviously ideal in time of covid-19. All our locals are open spaces, there is no closed room at Al Natural, this is perfect to insure the best ventilation and a safe and healthy environment. Fortunately, the islands of Bocas del Toro have so far been largely spared by the epidemic. The communal dinning create a real sense of community and allow all the guests to share and meet each other. They are really enjoying this. They see it as a much more interesting experience than to dine in separate tables. This provides a prefect balance: during the day, you almost see no one and you can enjoy your time by yourself in Nature and at night, comes the social moment, when we can all share our experiences. Many persons depart Al Natural with new friends. - All our Staff is mostly Nobe Bugle, the indigenous tribe who live in the nearby villa of Salt Creeck. Working with them gives a very authentic and personal touch to our services, this makes a stay with us a true unique experience. - A stunning very complete web site, with a lot of professional quality pictures, with an easy to use reservation module and connected to Booking. com and Expedia through a Channel Manager for easy control over availability and inventory. - Concession maritime with amp for the dock, very valuable and sought after concession, resulting from many years of administrative proceeding. - Well trained staff: 10 local persons + 1 dive instructors/floor managers/bartenders/table waiter/tour manager. With this complete staff the day to day operations are all covered. - Bank account at Bac Panama with 2 corporate credit cards. - padi certified Dive Center. - Insurances against fire and water damage for the hotel and the owner™s house as well as third party liability insurance for land and boat operations through a well respected broker of Panama City. Call us for details +507 Ver datos. Summary. - Very successful boutique eco resort since 2001. - Active income with high occupancy. - Located on the beach of Old Point beach in the island of Bastimentos, archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Republic of Panama. - Just in front of the Zapatillas Cays of the National Marine Park of Bastimentos, the touristic highlight of the whole region of Bocas. - Beach with safe swimming water, very rare in Bocas del Toro. - Set on a piece of land of 9. 181 hectares (22 acres and 29, 904 sq. Ft) with a beach of 450 mts long (1, 476 ft. ), of which 7. 908 hectares (19 acres and 23, 610 square feet) are titled land. - Perfect for investors or persons planning its next step looking for a change of lifestyles in a healthy environment. - Provides a safe, secured and optimal healthy living, far away for the crowd. Bungalows space apart from one another and no closed rooms makes Al Natural Resort an ideal place in those times of pandemic. The islands of Bocas del Toro have been so far largely spared by the epidemic. - Composed of 8 indigenous style bungalows right on the beach, - Family owned and operated since 2001, this turnkey business is fully staff and has been renovated and maintained throughout. - High occupancy rate: in 2018: 70. 43% (during the 5 months of high season, from December through April), 34. 23% during the 5 months of the low season (May and from August to November) Currently, Al Natural is close two months, in June and July. - Very enthusiastic reviews: Trip Advisor: out of the 394 reviews, 301 Excellent reviews, # 5 of 21 bbs/Inns in Bastimentos Island, with Certificates of Excellence. Booking. com 8. 9 out of 10. - Composed of 1 main restaurant + 1 recreational beach building + 7 private beachfront bungalows + 1 beach front bungalow used by staff + 1 beach house with three bedrooms and 2 full bathroom used by the owner/manager + 1 dock with palapa and sun deck + 1 tool shop. - Main restaurant includes a dining area and bar set from 20 to 40 persons, Kitchen all equipped serving gourmet European meals based on fresh local produce. - 4 motor boats, 5 sit-on sea kayaks, 5 paddle boards. - Tours and fishing operations. - padi certified scuba diving center. - Spectacular water views and wild life. - Professional valuation between $4, 000, 00 and $4, 250, 000

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USD 980,000
USD 1 Expensas
Bocas del toro cerca de cayo zapatilla

Changuinola, Bocas del Toro

20000 m² tot.20 hab.5 estac.

Sea Confiable vende una gran oportunidad de adquirir 2 propiedades por el precio de una, originalmente se vendía en $. 2. 2 millones solo la isla que tiene una extensión de 10. 000 mt2 rodeado de manglares y su propio arrecife donde se construyó 1200mt2 sobre el mar una casa que puede ser Residencial o si gusta puede continuar como Hotel ya que tiene permiso hotelero turístico, cuenta con 12 habitaciones espaciosas cada una con 2 camas Queens con su propio baño y terraza, y en la parte posterior en la isla cuenta con dos edificaciones pequeñas de 2 pisos que cada una tiene 4 habitaciones adicionales para un total de 20 cuartos operativos. La casa u hotel fue construida con madera de Nispero mejor conocida como que nunca se pudre y la más resistente que incluso que el mismo concreto, resiste al agua sol y humedad y fácil de trabajar, cuenta con su propio arrecife natural, tiene gran ventilación por su constante brisa lo cual no tiene problema de plagas o zancudos. Se encuentra a 20 min de isla Colón y a 15 min de Cayo zapatilla al igual que el siguiente terreno que se ofrece en la venta el cual se encuentra en Isla Tigre que cuenta con 10. 000 mt2 completamente cuadrado con una vista espectacular el cual tiene gran potencial para construir otro complejo turístico. Generales de la venta 1. 1er terreno en isla propia de 10. 000mt2 2. Casa u hotel de 1200mt2de 12 cuartos con una terraza enorme 3. 2 pequeñas edificaciones de 4 cuartos cada uno 4. Bohio como sala deportiva 5. Planta eléctrica comprada en diciembre 2019 6. Cuenta con 2 muelles para capacidad de 4 lanchas cada uno 7. Cuenta con permiso de hotel 8. Esta construido en madera de Nispero 9. Cuenta con su propia arrecife natural 10. Esta a 20 min de isla Colón y 15min de Cayo zapatilla 11. Tanque de agua 12. 2da isla en isla Tigre con 10. 000mt2 frente al mar tierra plana con gran potencial. Precio de venta de Remate $ 980. 000 Contáctenos ¡

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